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VX Series: 9VX Electric

27.5”-37.5” Variable Width, Smooth Operation and Electric Motor Convenience

  • Electric Mini Excavator
  • Produces no fumes and very little noise
  • 360° swing with independent 140° boom swing
  • 5 h. p. Baldor Motor
  • Equipped for hydraulic attachments
  • Total flow of 6.0 gpm
  • 5' 2" digging depth
  • Operating weight of 2,100 lbs.
  • 2-speed travel
  • Comes with 75 ft. of power cord
  • Unit can be ordered with different volt options

The 9VX electric mini excavator comes standard with all the features of the 9VX and also allows excavating in confined areas with fume regulations. Combine a no emission motor with other standard features such as the spanner function (27.5" to 37.5”) and hydraulic piping to front of the unit and you have the 9VX Electric.


  • Standard Equipped Expandable Tracks: Standard for the 9VX the Spanner function (27.5"-37.5"). The expanded tracks provide improved stability while allowing entry into tight spaces when tracks have been retracted.

  • Emission Free Motor: The 9VX Electric comes standard with a 5 h.p. Baldor motor. This motor produces no emissions and very little noise.

  • Available with Shipping Crate: A 48"x94" shipping crate is an available option for the 9VX electric mini excavator.


  • Auger
  • Hammer
  • Thumb
  • Rip-N-Pin
  • Hand Held Tools

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